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These days, chances are good that you’ll spot someone sporting a fitness band or watch on their wrist wherever you go. Maybe you even have one of these activity trackers yourself.

So have you thought about getting them for your kids? Though they’ll have different goals than you or your adult friends, your children might be motivated to move more when they wear a tracker. (Just 15% of kids get the 60 minutes of daily exercise that they need.)

Try these tips to help your kids get the most from these gadgets.

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Headache or Migraine

Migraine is a disorder characterized by repeated attacks of severe headache. A migraine headache causes throbbing or pulsating pain, usually on only one side of the head. These headaches are often associated with nausea, vomiting, and extreme sensitivity to light and sound; they generally last between four hours and three days. Migraine headaches, which are often misdiagnosed as sinus or tension headaches, are severe enough to interfere with sleep, work, and other everyday activities.

مواضيع طبية

Snacks get a bad rap. They’re blamed for everything from spoiling kids’ dinners to childhood obesity. Yet healthy snacks actually play a crucial role in helping kids get the nutrition they need.

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